Friday, January 07, 2005

Final Preparation

Titusville, Florida - Today is the final preparation day prior to leaving for Jakarta, Indonesia to deliver 20 Vortex Voyager TM Water Purifiers. Joe Hurston, the CEO of Air Mobile Ministries, always refers to this as the “funnel time” because there are so many last minute variables to get squared away. The team is confident as to the purpose of the mission but there are still many factors to be considered.

Distribution will begin in Jakarta but there will be several locations involved. The team is looking to go to the small island of Nias, Indonesia. According to the news reports, this small island has been almost completely looked over in the relief efforts. There has been contact with the survivors of the island and Air Mobile is looking forward to being able to assist them in the stabilization process.

Air Mobile is also working with several large relief organizations that have portable medical units. The Vortex Voyager TM will be a life saving tool for these teams. Many countries are putting large water purifiers in place to help the masses get clean water, but it is difficult to carry large quantities of water long distances due to the fact that it is so heavy. The twenty pound Vortex Voyager TM can be carried into the remote regions to bring in surgically pure water. The medical teams can immediately begin to provide aid to the tsunami victims.

The team will leave Orlando at 11am Saturday and will be arriving in Jakarta at 9 AM on the 10th of January. This page will be updated as soon as possible.