Saturday, January 15, 2005

Back in Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia-- The team has landed safely back in Jakarta.

The trip to Melauboh was more than anyone in the group had expected. It was amazing to see God work to clear the way for AMM. There are two ways to get into Melauboh right now. The first way is a 22 hour ride through rebel infested forest and mountains and the second is to airlifted in by some military group. With 7 people in the group, AMM was sure that we would have to take the overland trip. However, there were reservations made at two hotels in Medan for the team. This is the city that is serving as a staging area for all aid into Northern Sumatra. AMM was blessed to choose the right hotel and as soon as the team entered the lobby they saw military groups everywhere. The Vortex was demonstrated and immediately the Singapore Army was offering to fly in the entire group the next day. It was truly a miracle!

AMM was invited to a meeting to discuss collaboration between Christian organizations. Again, God paved the way and provided for another organization to rent a house for AMM to stay in while in Melauboh. The home had been hit by the earthquake and tsunami but was livable so AMM had a base for operations.

While in Melauboh, the team met with military from all over the world and demonstrated the Vortex Voyager TM. It was a tough assignment not only because the lack of basic necessities but also because there was death and destruction all around. There could be many details written here but suffice it to say that it was extremely difficult to see so much pain. There was also a good deal of hope though. Indonesia has not allowed any relief organizations into this region in over 40 years. Now, there are organizations setting up permanent bases everywhere in this impoverished and devastated part of the world.

AMM strategically deployed several units to relief workers. Please continue to pray for AMM to have wisdom as to the best possible placement of these life saving units. There are so many good places to deploy them but the team needs to find the best places.

Then,as easily as the team got in, they were airlifted out. This truly was an amazing feat due to the fact that there were so many people trying to leave the area. When AMM was airlifted into Northern Sumatra by the Singapore Army they were informed that there would be no return flights for nearly a week but God once again intervened and created a way. AMM has so much to be thankful for!

Upon landing in Medan again, another miracle greeted the team. A man pulled up to the team and asked if they would like a ride. Assuming it was a taxi they loaded in and sped off down the congested roads of the city of 2 million. Then they noticed the cross. It is highly unusual to display signs of Christianity so they inquired about the meaning of the symbol and realized that God had deployed one of His own to retrieve them from the airport. When the team tried to pay the man for his time and fuel he adamantly refused to accept it.

They made it back to the hotel and realized they were probably going to miss their flight to Jakarta which would require money to purchase additional airline tickets. They rushed to the airline and when they arrived they saw that the flight had been pushed back just enough to get them onboard! God has His hand all over this situation.

As the team landed back in Jakarta our minds drifted to Martha VanCise. She had gotten terribly ill on the flight over and had to remain in Jakarta for the entire trip. She greeted us at the hotel with a smile and some interesting stories of life in Jakarta and everyone was grateful that she had pulled through. Prayer does work!

The group woke up feeling rested and refreshed and were greeted by a doctor who works closely with the president of Indonesia. He asked if we could demonstrate the Vortex Voyager TM for him and immediately he was talking about purchasing 200 units for the relief teams. Then his friend said the Australian government would possibly consider buying these for relief work within Australia. It was so divinely ordained. If AMM had missed any flights it might have been different. But God had His own ideas of how this should work out.

So today half of the team is returning to the US and Joe and Cherie Hurston are remaining to see what else can be done to assist in this time of great need. There is so much work that can be done still. Please continue to keep the team in prayer in the areas of wisdom, safety, direction, and also that the remaining members minds would stayed focused. There are times where it is difficult to keep morale up simply because of the severe levels of pain and suffering all around. Everyone in Sumarta has been affected by the disaster.

Another update will be posted as soon as more information is gathered. God Bless