Friday, January 14, 2005

Stuck in Sumatra

We have been blessed to find another organization that will let us use their computer for a moment here. This part of the world has been so devastate that currently it is hard to get the basic items and computers are not on that list but their are some set up for relief organizations. Their are so many stories here of sadness, hope, and need. Mixed in with all our meetings we are finding time to get on the streets and pump water from deep within the devastated regions to give to people who so desperately need it. We have also met courageous groups from all over the world who are doing some of the hardest jobs right now on the planet. There is a group of young men here, ages 15 to 25, from all over Indonesia who came here voluntarily to find bodies and bury them in mass graves. There are refugees camps everywhere with whole families sleeping on a single mat. They have one outfit a piece and a pot for cooking. These are everywhere. The smell around the city is unbearable due to the bodies everywhere. But despite all of this there is so much hope! The human spirit is amazing. I must go now but I want to apologize to anyone who is looking to receive emails because it is not possible. I will as soon as possible. God Bless and please keep praying!