Wednesday, January 12, 2005

God is Good in All Things!

Medan, Sumarta -- The team has experienced many victories today!

The day began with joint meetings with several countries and large organizations that are assisting in the relief. Even ending up in that meeting was an amazing feat in itself. A woman of God reserved the last rooms for Air Mobile in a hotel that is a hub of international workers. It is the location of United States as well as Singapore Military operations. Everyday, all participating military and aid workers get together and discuss the best way to help as many people as possible. The team was overjoyed and blessed to have an opportunity to participate. What is more is that the other organizations were overjoyed to speak with Air Mobile! It is known that the Vortex Voyager TM is a great tool for saving lives but it was wonderful to have that recognized by such powerful groups who were amazed the capabilities as well as the portability of the machine. The team could not keep up with the amount of people asking questions about the Vortex Voyager TM.

After the meetings wrapped up, AMM went to met with Dr. Jeff Hammond. God created and opportunity for the team to met this man of God on the airplane. He is possibly one of the best connections to get the group into the region where they can do the most good. He is an Australian who has lived in Indonesia for over 30 years and runs one of the biggest churches in Jakarta named Bless Indonesia Today. He is also very talented at paving the way for other missionaries to work in remote regions of the islands. With his valuable assistance, AMM got a ride into a part of Sumatra that no one else can get into. The Singapore Military is going to fly the group in by means of the Chinook, a very large transport helicopter. People all over the Asia are trying to get to this area and God provided a way.

Dr. Hammond also brought AMM to a refugee camp for Chinese Indonesians. There are 7000 people receiving food and supplies from the camp and another 200 displaced persons living there. It seemed to be fairly organized considering the huge levels of confusion and unanswered questions that fill the lives of the refugees. The billboards everywhere with pictures of missing loved ones coupled with pictures of the giant tsunami waves brought tears to the hearts of everyone in the team. One woman was crying hysterically as she told John Torres about holding onto her child during the waves. He was ripped from her arms by the powerful water and the last time she saw him he was crying for her to help him. The team stopped and once again prayed to God to please use them in anyway possible to help.

At the end of the day, three more Vortex Voyagers TM were dispatched. One went to a Christian organization affiliated with Dr. Hammond that is going into Banda Ache to dig wells. They need clean water for themselves to drink as they dig wells to provide clean water for the masses.

The other two Vortex Voyagers TM went to Hope for Indonesia. They are an extensive missions group that works doing health care, water and sanitation projects, supervising of teachers and students, TB and HIV clinics and drug treatment facilities for Indonesia. They also are heavily involved in several other countries. They are invested in raising the standard of living in Indonesia and AMM is blessed to be able to partner with such an amazing group.

Cherie's thoughts: Today has been an incredible day. At times it has seemed overwhelming but also thoroughly satisfying. I believe that the purifiers are going exactly where God planned. Currently I feel overcome by both the sadness of the destruction and death as well as by the blessings of God all around us. He has been the best person on our team by far! Please continue to pray for our wisdom and safety. The area we are headed to tomorrow has been off limits to foreigners of any kind for years due to the violence between the rebels and the military. We needed to have the military escort us in to ensure our passage into the region. We are confident in God and treasure your prayer. Several members of the group have gotten sick and they also need your prayer. We will update again as soon as we can. God Bless