Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Medan, Sumatra -- The team left Jakarta Tuesday afternoon for the island of Sumatra, where most of the tsunami death and destruction took place.
Contacts were made with military officials from the United States and Singapore to see about getting some water purifiers airlifted to Banda Aceh and Northern Sumatra. Team members spoke to American soldiers, who praised the work of the Singapore Army. The Singapore have eased the way for America to enter radical Muslim neighborhoods, according to Captain Polemical of the U.S. Marines.
Joe Hurston, President of Air Mobile Ministries, has set up a Wednesday morning presentation for various military officials and relief workers, trying to spread the word about the Vortex Voyager TM Water Purifiers. The hotel where the group is staying is teeming with representatives from various countries, such as Japan, Turkey, Singapore, U.S., Canada, Italy, France, Australia, Korea among others.
There is a real feeling of camaraderie and determination among the different countries.

John Torres' thoughts -- I met a man today who lost his 18-year-old daughter to the tsunami. He was flying to Banda Aceh to continue looking for her. He cried when he told me her story. When he asked me where I was from he could not stop thanking me. Everyone I meet thanks the United States and the rest of the world for not forgetting them during their hour of need.
I was leery about coming to Indonesia, but after a few days I realize that it is a beautiful country filled with friendly people who are eager to move past this tragedy and continue their lives.
It was also an amazing feeling for me to ride in hotel elevators and to talk with soldiers from so many different countries all working for the common good. The traveling has taken its toll and the team members are tired. Tomorrow we hope to visit a hospital and refugee camp.